Wal-Mart Super Center
When Sam Walton opened his first Walmart store in Rogers, Ark., in 1962, no one imagined he was introducing a retailing formula that within a generation would impact the lives of millions of people.

Sam firmly believed in “having a heck of a good time” while working hard. As an example of his fun-loving leadership style, Sam Walton wore a grass skirt and did the hula on Wall Street after losing a bet.

Many associates (Walmart employees) fondly remember meeting Sam or the early days of working at Walmart. He was well known for crediting Walmart’s success to the associates and made sure information about the company’s objectives was shared among all the associates.

A few weeks before Sam passed away, President George H. W. Bush presented him the Medal of Freedom on March 17, 1992, for his success in life as in business.